About us

Our Story

Abigail Tsui Studio is for every child who thinks ‘special’ means something negative and every parent who wants their child to flourish in their own unique way. The passion driven pocket tee brand embodies the spirit of determination, championing a powerful message that anything is possible with a bold commitment to overcome your circumstances.


We always knew that our daughter, Abbey, was special. Apart from being artistically gifted, she struggled with her school work and, after countless calls from her teachers and many failed attempts at assisting her, we felt helpless.

It was only when we heard the words “Mom I’m special. I’m not smart.” did we begin to truly understand the detrimental impact her struggles were having on her self-esteem and confidence.

Through educational assessments, we finally established that our precious daughter has a processing disability, which prevents her from learning in the same way as the other kids in her class. What was surprising, though, was that she has highly advanced problem solving abilities.

We began to focus on encouraging her to harness her full potential by honing her talents. She quickly began to flourish and approached me with an initiative to raise funds for a local children’s hospital. The first Abigail Tsui Exhibition in support of the hospital was a roaring success and it immediately elevated our daughter’s morale. It also showed the world a different side to Abbey and we decided that we would take her impact to the next level by inspiring other children to do the same through Abigail Tsui Studio.


Each one of our tees is enhanced with an original Abigail Tsui print, providing a fresh take on the basics and instantly transforming your core wardrobe staple into a modern and meaningful statement piece.

Our diverse offering includes women’s, men’s and kids tees with a Mommy and me range to delight the entire family. Our products are made with ring-spun cotton / preshrunk cotton / airlume combed cotton / organic cotton to make sure that you are consistently comfortable in our clothing.

Our vision is to becoming mom’s go-to pocket tee store, we’ve made it simple to order your tees online with free shipping. Now there are no excuses to invest in a considered approach to the classic tee.


We have committed to donating 20% of Abigail Tsui Studio’s net profit to children-oriented charities. That means that when you purchase your products from us, you can rest assured that you are not only investing in a top-quality item, but you are also investing in a child’s future.

Our hope is that by infusing extra-ordinary meaning into your products, we are able to inspire other children to take their future into their own hands by celebrating their differences and showing the world that ‘special’ really means spectacular.