Art that makes a difference.  Products that inspire your child and YOU to create a meaningful life together!

Hi! I'm Abigail... an artist and a designer who designs meaningful products

How it all started?  I made a candy stand out of cardboard boxes one day.  Then I went and asked my mom.  "Can you buy some candies for me?"  My mom asked me for what.  I told her so I could sell candies on the street outside our home to raise funds for SickKids Hospital.  But my mom gave me another idea.   Why not design my own products with my art works.  Love creating art.  So together with my mom here we are...  YOU and your child can make a difference and change the world.  Every product you purchase, we donate half of the net profit to charities and the other half to create more meaningful products and inspire more people like you.

We're beyond excited!

Art Exhibition on October 20, 2019 to raise funds for

SickKids Foundation

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